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A Safe, Smooth Ride Starts With Your Wheels and Tires

Your wheels and tires are where your vehicle meets the road. This connection is essentially to the speed and safety of your vehicle. Installing the right wheels and tires can improve the safety of your whole car and ultimately help you maintain control in all types of weather or emergency situations. At Steve’s Tire & Auto Repair, we take pride in installing the best wheels and tires available.

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The wheel is the metal frame onto which your tires are mounted. What type of tire your car takes will depend on what kind of wheels you have. Custom wheels offer additional protection against blowouts by ensuring the tire doesn’t collapse inward into the wheel during a blowout. This gives you more control. High-quality tires also help you stay in control during a blowout or a simple flat.

At Steve’s Tire & Auto Repair, we offer the following wheel and tires services:

New tire installation services

Wheel balancing services

Wheel alignment services

Trailer wheel and tire installation services

Custom and off-road tire installation services

Tire patching and repair services

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